Name: DP series (Within 5KW)

Model: DP

Product characteristics

DP series high-precision programmable DC power supply is a cost-effective product with high-quality, high-power-density, multi-function, launched by our company to meet the needs of our customers. The maximum power of 1U model can reach 5KW, and the weight is only 7.5Kg. The specification voltage of this series of products can reach up to 3050V, and the maximum current can reach 525A. It built-in PFC power factor correction circuit, and the input voltage can meet the wide range of applications in the global power grid. This series of power supply has constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) operating modes, and automatically switches between operating modes. It also has built-in user-settable constant power (CP) limit mode, built-in analog program control (5V/10V/5K/10K) signal, USB, LAN, CAN, RS-232/485 communication interface, and supports Modbus-RTU and SCPI industry standard communication protocol. Users can enter the menu to select their own protocol and communication mode as required.
  • Product parameters

Basic operation of dp series

Short constant current testing

Detailed technical indicators

Datasheet of DP series (5KW in 1U rack).pdf